How to turn personal passion into an organization with impact

For anyone setting out to change the world, launching a nonprofit venture can be a powerful way to enact change. Whether bringing donated eyeglasses to children who have never seen clearly, revamping inner city schools, or bringing solar cookers to refugee camps, the act of doing good can be life-changing. Yet starting a nonprofit and running it well can also pose challenges. The Art of Doing Good is an essential companion for anyone looking to start an organization that makes a real difference.

Drawing from their own leadership roles in the nonprofit world, as well as interviews with 18 celebrated social innovators, the authors prepare would-be social entrepreneurs with guidance and real-world advice for sustaining the spirit, ambition, and ingenuity to keep their vision alive and thriving.


A nuanced and thorough portrait of the phenomenon of American generosity in action, by visionary practitioners not only of the art of doing good, but of the art of transforming society. If the world is to be repaired and redeemed, it will be through the work of Bronfman and Solomon, the visionaries they write about in this book, and the visionaries they will yet inspire.

—Frederick Lawrence, President, Brandeis University